What’s Hidden in Your Block of Marble?

Love blooms...

Love blooms…

It is sometimes said that great pieces of art are not so much created as they are revealed.  The inference being that the music, picture, sculpture and poem are received as creative gifts to individuals who were able to process the divine download.

It’s interesting to observe how variations of this theme run through the lives of many famous individuals.  Inspiration is truly a gift from God  And the wonderful thing about God is that He is incredibly generous.

But I wonder how often we miss the best gifts because we’re unable to peer through marble?  Or see through paper…or understand that the packaging of God often masks the treasure.  That’s just His way.

Who else but the Creator of the Universe would think about showing up in a tiny embryonic earth suit tucked within a teenagers womb?  Or would envision the shameful, painful death on a cross as an arc between man and God?

In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul’s attempt to describe the nature of love ends with an apt description…”now, we see through a glass dimly, but then we shall see face to face.”  His descriptions about what Love is are balanced by admonitions of what it is not.  A sort of divine paradox.

Perhaps in this give and take, we can begin to chip away at the marble that obscures the deeper truth.  Yes, love just like faith without words is ultimately dead, but as the opening of the chapter declares…just the works, faith and power aren’t the real deal either.

We’re reminded that LOVE IS.  Love exists even when our earthly vision obscures it.  Love exists within our perplexed and mangled human experience.  God is Love.  God coming to dwell within human flesh as Emmanuel; making His place within us.  Love is revealed through the chisel of life circumstances and the choices we choose to make or avoid.  LOVE IS and there fore LOVE DOES…not the other way around.

Which actually is a very hopeful place.  To know that within this earth suit, the great Sculpture has not finished his work.  But, He does have an end in mind.  It’s the image of Himself, and thus He works with purpose and compassion, knowing that He who began the good work in us will be faithful in his duty to bring it to completion.


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