On Letting Go…

Let ‘GO’, Let ‘GOD’. The addition of the ‘D’ makes all the difference in the world! Letting ‘GO’ is often resisted because we dread the sense of a loss of control. We fear not knowing and not being able to predict the direction of something or someone. This fear comes from a misplaced sense of self-importance. The truth is we cannot control anyone.

Our bodies in large part regulate themselves without our interference. Our hearts beat, our muscles contract, our brains process, our lungs breath all WITHOUT our conscious control. Letting ‘GOD’ is the strongest most effective thing we can do.

It is GOD afterall, who controls that which is subconscious, beyond our reach and above our intelligence. Letting GOD is simply a way of acknowleding that ultimately the working out of life is a mysterious and awesome thing. And GOD who creates life is well able to handle what we let go of.

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