About “The Challenge of An Excellent Life”

lola-auduI’m so glad you stopped by!  This blog is an evolution of sorts.  It was originally started to support a small group of young persons who were walking through life together.  Most were in college or just starting their careers and before kids.  I was teaching a Sunday school study and after some time, they moved on and we moved to a different church.

However, the blog continues to call me back to attention.  Not necessarily regularly, but draw me it does.  It’s a space where I share my thoughts which don’t quite seem to belong elsewhere.  My day job involves training and real estate.  And while, I do a fair amount of blogging in those areas, the wisdom of God as discovered through study of the Bible delights me.  I find the study of truth and searching for the wisdom of God to be a seminal calling.

Not all of the posts will directly frame themselves around Bible stories, but the principles and topics discussed are often covered in scripture.  So, these are my thoughts.  I’m not a trained theologian and don’t pretend to know the ins and outs of hermeneutics and such. However, I do like to listen and learn – and I find getting to know God better to be personally enriching.  And some of what is downloaded during my devotions and general musing is what I share here.  If something I share touches or impacts you, please post a comment.  Thanks!

Here are some of my favorites from the blog:

Trapdoor Grace:  Overcoming a Spiritual Seige

This Thing Called Sin

The Syndrome of Unfriendly Friends

What if Everyday were Valentines Day?

A Seat at the Table: The Gift of Gratitude


7 thoughts on “About “The Challenge of An Excellent Life”

  1. Hello @laudu,
    It would be nice to see an updated About page. Is your group still meeting? If not, I believe it’s quite common for blog purposes to change as time goes on. Perhaps you could say what this blog’s new aims are, if these have changed.
    I have very much enjoyed what I have read so far. Please continue the excellent work.

    • @ladycee – thanks for the suggestion. The group is no longer meeting, but I’ve continued to use the blog to share thoughts from time to time. It would be good to re-brand it so it’s more relevant to my life now. I’ll take some time to think about it.

  2. Hello Laudu,
    Love the updated “About” page. I look forward to coming back to read some of your favourite posts. A really good idea to include this.


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