Living in Congruity…

“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true.

I am not bound to succeed,  but I am bound to live up to what light I have”

By Abraham Lincoln.

In his deeply insightful book,  ‘The Laws of Spirit’ author Dan Millman initiates the chapter on‘Integrity…Living Our Truth’ with the above statement by Abraham Lincoln.  In this section Millman explores how humans live outside their true being and how at odds this artifice remains within the norms of nature.

“Unlike the creatures of the natural world, humans are surrounded by social artifice, cut off from their own true natures.” (The Laws of Spirit by Dan Millman)

Can you imagine how incongruous it would be if our dogs insisted on meowing like cats and our cats fancied barking like dogs?  What if birds neglected the glory of flight and chose to hop around on twig legs instead? Or if the sun decided that darkness was more comfortable than the brilliance of light? What if fish determined that being submerged by all that water was simply stifling?

Totally reprehensible?  Absolutely! 

So is Incongruity.

Living in Congruity

Requires that I simply strive

To Be Only  Exactly Who I am.